Dead Flesh – Fragments Of Gore

I saw Dead Flesh live a while back, and they must have been having an off day or were crippled by the mediocre mixing, because the material on this is much better than how I remember it.  I thought that Dead Flesh played rather clumsy deathgrind, but the material on ‘Fragments Of Gore’ is very capable, VERY brutal death metal with a technical edge.  A comparison could be drawn to a more interesting version of latter-era Disgorge with a pinch of slam influence, but that sells the band a little short overall since there are some fairly unique elements that help to set them apart from the pack.

First off: there’s a big, technical bass presence on this EP.  Fast, always audible, and frequently popping out with a cool fill, it’s one of the most interesting parts of the release.  The rest of the band never slouches though; the riffs are low and move at hyperspeed throughout, with a similarly technical yet grooving drum presence beneath them.  Topping it all off are the vocals, which hop between low, percussive growls like on Despised Icon’s first album and super high pig squeals.  The song structures move VERY quickly, and the band doesn’t ever settle down for very long before entirely changing rhythms and riffs.  Combined with the short songs and it makes for a release that never gets boring, much less ever has time to.

While the production’s a bit raw and the guitars could use some more sonic space, the songwriting is very solid and overall this is a great EP from one of Jacksonville’s stalwart artists.  They have a full-length coming up soon, and based on the strength of this release, I’m eager to hear what they have cooked up for it.  Probably something that disrespects women.


~ by noktorn on May 26, 2008.

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