Fleshgrind – Destined For Defilement

This is an oddity in Fleshgrind’s catalog for a few reasons.  For one, it’s a live EP that few people seem to know.  Second, it’s a live EP that features more tracks that appear exclusively on demos than it does ones that had been featured on the previous full-lengths by the band.  Thirdly and finally, it’s some of the best material that Fleshgrind ever released, studio or live.

The demo tracks showcased here are frankly pretty excellent.  They showcase a more oldschool, traditional style of death metal than Fleshgrind ever displayed on their full-lengths, and though I haven’t heard the original demos, I can safely assume that they’re played remarkably well here.  Extremely fast, technical, and supremely well written from both riff and structural standpoints, with clear similarities to very early Suffocation.  The track each from the previous full-lengths are well executed as well, with one crucial difference really making them stand out: the lack of the ultra-sterile, industrial production job that defines Fleshgrind’s early work.  ‘Destined For Defilement’ in particular had a very sparse, steely feel, and to hear ‘Litany Of Murder’ played in a much warmer, more traditional sounding way is certainly an interesting and pleasant surprise.

For the dedicated Fleshgrind fan, I can’t recommend this slice of history enough.  All five tracks are just great and surprisingly memorable, and really, Fleshgrind manages to do more live in under twenty minutes than most death metal bands are able to do in full, professionally produced albums.  A great release for any Fleshgrind fan, and, hell, any oldschool death metal fan in particular.  Can’t go wrong with this one.


~ by noktorn on May 26, 2008.

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