Dislimb – Bleeding Anxiety

For some weird reason I was never able to get into this as much as I expected to.  It’s the sort of thing that’s up my alley, brutal/slam death metal, some breakdowns, you know, but for some reason it doesn’t really grab me.  I think that it sounds to restrained a lot of the time; I don’t get a sense of weight from the music, everything’s too perfectly on time, and overall it has the feel of a more ‘mainstream’ style of metal than a slam album.

Dislimb plays fairly traditional, Devourment inspired slam stuff with a bit more straight brutal death metal influence; the breakdowns are fewer in number than your average Cephalotripsy clone and the ones that are there are sort of deemphasized in favor of the blasting and churning midpaced stuff.  There seems to be more influence from Suffocation and other oldschool death metal than usual, which sort of goes against the band’s other attempts to make a modern brutal/slam death album.  The main issue I have with this music is that the songs generally feel slightly incoherent and uninteresting.  There isn’t much in the way of transferring between riffs; the band just sort of stops and starts a new one, drops a slam here or there and calls it a day.  There’s little sense of structure or organization.

I like the pair of live tracks much more than the recorded stuff, probably because it’s rawer and sounds less like the band is phoning their performances in.  It has the necessary level of viscerality to maintain my interest, where as the recorded stuff is overly clinical and lacks finesse.  I don’t think Dislimb is a band that’s incapable of writing interesting music, but I think the circumstances of recording this stuff in particular did a lot to make it sound worse than it actually is.  C- stuff really.  Not horrible, but there’s a lot better out there than this.


~ by noktorn on May 28, 2008.

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