Goatpenis – Pulverize The Human Race – Systematic Extermination Of Subhuman Vermin

This is the less interesting half of the package that included the ‘Ill Alliance For War’ DVD.  Those two releases were sold together as one set, and this is certainly the lesser of the two, composed of merely three re-recorded demo tracks from the earlier days of Goatpenis.  They’re good songs, but I do think they could have done a bit more than this, especially considering the insane quality of the DVD released alongside it.

This is the pure Goatpenis sound: thrashy, somewhat melodic, headbanging black/grind filled with fantastic, sinister riffs and songs about warfare and genocide.  All the typical elements of the band are there: distorted, demonic vocals, fast, pounding drums, and song structures that are both progressive and traditional in nature.  The production on these tracks leaves something to be desired, with all three being rather murky, particularly in the guitar department, though they all have strangely different guitar tones.  Of the three, ‘Eht Tsrow Sdrow’ is probably the best track, being a legendary Goatpenis song with some of the sickest, most evil midpaced riffs the band has ever turned out in their lengthy career.

It’s unfortunate that this release is so short, particularly when compared to the adjoined DVD.  The tracks on this are apart from the production totally massive and deserve a better treatment.  I guess it’s better when you view the DVD as the main course and this just as a bonus item; still, I kind of wish there were at least a few more tracks to pad it out.


~ by noktorn on May 28, 2008.

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