Infurium – In Darkness

I can hear a HUGE amount of potential in Infurium’s music.  The project of sole member Vanterius, Infurium’s music is an epic, uplifting style of black metal very inspired by Satanic Warmaster and occasionally reminding me of Pagan Hammer, albeit with a less droning tone overall.  Deeply riff-based and soaked in melody, the music retains an oddly American feel, with an almost US-style folk edge at times.  Two individual guitar lines are nearly always present, one playing subtle variations of the root melody established by the other, making for a rich and developed musical texture throughout ‘In Darkness’.

One central flaw mars this demo: a strangely recorded and distracting drum presence.  I’m not sure whether it’s a drum machine or a physical kit, but the individual drum sounds, particularly the bass drum, have a bizarre, rubbery tone that detracts from the quality of the overall music.  Fortunately, they’re not really able to break up the majesty established by the excellent, ambient riffs that dominate this music, which manage to pack in some surprises among the fairly straightforward tone, a good example being the almost Iron Maiden-sounding one that pops up a bit before the halfway point in ‘We Lit The Fires’.  Vocals are a traditional, dry scream which is well-delivered without being overbearing or distracting from the main focus of the music which is, as always, the riffs.

Infurium is an already very solid project that would become exponentially better with a resolved drum sound.  The project can only be improved through dealing with this small but crucial issue, and when it is resolved, it wouldn’t surprise me if Infurium was picked up by a major black metal label soon after.  The melodies on this demo speak for themselves: Infurium is a project with genuine talent fueling it all the way.


~ by noktorn on May 28, 2008.

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