Maggot Infested – Aborted Fetus

Fairly random, relatively inconsequential noise/grind/death stuff here.  You can probably already guess what this sounds like: fast, random drum machine, fast, random guitar works, growls and shrieks all over the place, really bad and murky production.  In short, noise.  There’s a couple curveballs in the form of songs like ‘Date Rape’, which is a groovy little death/thrash number, and ‘Satans Little Whore’, which is actually a really good, oldschool doom/death track in the vein of artists like Coffins.  The overall feeling I get from this stuff is the basement recordings of a couple metalheads who decided to do some random noise/grind and record a couple metal songs they had lying around but couldn’t place anywhere else.

The later version with two bonus tracks is actually a lot better.  ‘Cult Of Murder’ is an awesome, drumless stoner/drone track with repetitive, ultra-slow, simple, melodic riffing which works well with the howling vocal performance that soars over it, while ‘Dead Girl Sora’ is like a drumless epic death/thrash track played at three quarter speed.  The rest of it is all straight noisegrind though, and what’s there to really say about that?  It sounds like all the other basement noisegrind that you see sold in tiny tape distros at $2 a piece.  This stuff’s all over the place.  It’s not bad if you know what you’re getting into, and the guys that do this sort of thing occasionally stumble into brilliance with stuff like ‘Cult Of Murder’.

Apparently Maggot Infested turned into a death/grind outfit a little while after this, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Noisegrind doesn’t last forever.


~ by noktorn on May 28, 2008.

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