Manbearpig – Demo

From two members of retarded genius project Phallic Decapitant plus two more comes Manbearpig, a relatively new death metal band in the southeastern metal scene.  Despite the name, this is a relatively more serious project than Phallic Decapitant, with fewer Mario samples and songs about obscure pop culture references.  This four-tracker is a surprisingly solid first volley for the band, showcasing a fast-paced, grooving style of death metal that’s a refreshing change of pace from the endless array of tech death bands that are getting churned out of the area these days.

Apart from the strange melodeath riffs which open ‘Journey Vs. Boston’, Manbearpig on this demo plays a fairly straightforward breed of somewhat technical death metal.  The tempo frequently switches between a speedy blast and more midpaced, churning sound, and while the majority of the music is what you’d expect from this breed of death metal, the band likes to occasionally throw a curveball, like the clean guitar and spoken word break on ‘The Herd Mentality’ or the vaguely tribal, syncopated drumming on ‘Munchausen Heart’.  Manbearpig has both a good grasp of traditional death metal songwriting as well as enough creative ideas to keep things from getting stale.  The short, efficient songs also help this: none of the sonic ideas are drawn out or repeated excessively and everything moves at a brisk clip without getting tiring.

Overall, this is a great opening demo from one of the more promising new bands in the southeastern death metal scene.  Manbearpig is heading to the studio soon to record some new material and I’m eager to hear what they have in store.  They’re half man, half bear, and ALL BRUTAL!  Yeah even I’m embarrassed by that.


~ by noktorn on May 28, 2008.

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