Fetocide – Redefine

Fetocide plays a more or less traditional style of spastic tech death in the vein of Origin, but they sound really cool and have good riffs so I’m not going to complain.  They play the same style of blast-heavy, spacey death metal that Origin specializes in, just with less melodic riffing and a bit more variation in a rhythmic department.  It stays interesting throughout, has some good grooves, and the spastic tech portions manage to be relatively interesting, going more for an abstract, Gorgutsy sound rather than straight frantic sweeping.

If you know the modern style of brutal/technical death metal played by Origin, you essentially know how this sounds.  It’s almost always very uptempo, there’s a lot of stopping and starting for quick drum or guitar fills, vocals are a mix of low growls and higher shrieks.  Occasionally the band slips into a more midpaced groove reminiscent of Suffocation.  Some passages actually remind me of Nile or Behemoth with rather Egyptian-inspired melodies and flowing, epic passages.  The emphasis is generally on extreme technicality from the guitars with atonal riffs packed with pinch harmonics though, and it doesn’t disappoint in that department, again tossing out riffs left and right that are memorable in the Origin vein.

Production is very good and clean, a lot like Internal Suffering, allowing the instruments room to breathe during the epic parts but with enough closeness to maintain the sense of chaos during technical passages.  The band has a good sense of balance, keeping variation up and never letting things get stale through an always changing blend of epic portions driven by winding, spacey lead guitar and hyperspeed tech death.  It’s a great album to show to people who don’t ordinarily enjoy brutal death metal simply for its variance and well thought out songwriting.

‘Redefine’ is a really, really good first album from a band that’s starting to finally get noticed more in the tech death scene.  I don’t see any reason why these guys shouldn’t be as popular as Origin or Necrophagist, because this release is just excellent.  Track this one down and keep an eye out for them in the future.


~ by noktorn on May 29, 2008.

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