Jungle Rot – Fueled By Hate

At this point there’s really no excuse not to know what Jungle Rot sounds like at the very least, and you really should own at least one CD if you like good death metal at all.  On the off chance you don’t qualify for either of those, they play oldschool death metal with heavy riffs, caveman vocals, and some of the best grooves ever made.

‘Fueled By Hate’ is, as one would expect, totally more of the same.  All Jungle Rot does is release the same album over and over so it should come to no surprise to a prospective listener that this is just as excellent and grooving as every other album they’ve done.  It’s totally primitive of course; they haven’t developed even remotely since their first release.  There’s still all these unnecessary leftovers from the death/thrash era like skank beats and thrash breaks, but the emphasis is all on that totally primitive groove.  It’s an album composed of almost nothing but chugging and growls.  If you love caveman riffs you’ll love this stuff, it has the same spirit as toughguy hardcore and about the same musical value and expertise too.

So yeah, it’s heavy and groovy and stupid as hell.  This is good for people who like Six Feet Under but wish they weren’t so fancy all the time.


~ by noktorn on May 29, 2008.

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