Enoid – Dodssyklus

Enoid is a Swiss one-man black metal project that plays brutal, blasting black metal in the modern vein.  If you know the sound of your usual roster of Swedish black metallers or 1349, you have a good idea of the stuff here: nonstop, blistering music designed to punish the listener with constant tremolo riffs and blast beats.  While it’s a style that can go south relatively quickly without very strong songwriting to back it up, Enoid manages to avoid the pitfalls of many of its peers via substantially above average riffwork, evocative production, and a definite sense of misanthropy above and beyond most Marduk clones.

A drum machine is employed, and while it’s pretty obviously inhuman it’s not very unobtrusive, adding just enough rhythm and noisy rumble to increase the intensity and drive of the riffs.  Their role is echoed by the vocals, a traditional, raspy scream pushed slightly into the background while the guitars do their black magic.  The riffs are uniformly good, employing a buzzing, overdistorted guitar tone that’s just slightly synthetic to increase the coldness of the pieces.  Riffing is very concentrated on semimelodic tremolo work with the occasional slower passage, but most of this is very high speed, brutal music.  It’s relatively bare-bones black metal: there’s no keys, clean passages, or anything that really deviates from the conventions of the genre, which puts that much more emphasis on these simple elements to tell their stories.  But fortunately, Bornyhake knows how to write a solid black metal song, so you’re never at want for better composition.

In the end, Enoid is a workhorse black metal album that, while somewhat unremarkable, is very consistent and well-written.  Just about any black metal fan will find this to be an enjoyable listen all the way through.  Just remember not to turn it off during the silence on the last track or you’ll miss a very savage and enjoyable cover of Mayhem’s ‘Buried By Time And Dust’.


~ by noktorn on May 30, 2008.

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