Nosferatos – Pandemonium

Oh those wacky Russians with their… music.  Which most of the time isn’t very good.  Nosferatos is one such fairly average band that no one’s heard of for good reason.  The five piece plays a thrashy, oldschool style of black/death metal with an electronic drum kit and… not much else that’s notable.  Russian bands often have a weird feel, like they’re approximately six years behind the curve as far as musical development goes, and though this was released in 2001, it totally sounds like something out of the mid-’90s.  But I guess if my country went through a total economic collapse I’d be a bit slower in progress too.

The production on this album is weird, sort of strained, like it’s a studio that’s trying to sound way better than it actually is, giving it all a very unnatural feel.  The music probably helps that, with the electronic drum kit perpetually clicking away, sounding totally unrealistic.  Anyway, it’s awkwardly written music in that ‘growing pains’ sound of the mid-’90s, with a lot of strange transitions and overly varied riffing which disrupts the flow of things.  There are thrash riffs, black metal riffs, and death metal riffs, but never a synthesized combination of any of them; it’s like the band decided that they needed riffs and came up with a bunch of stuff that sounds individually good but makes no goddamn sense at all when put together.

It seems the band is sometimes striving for an epic sound with some attempts at soaring riffs and atmospheric passages, but they don’t really seem to know what they’re doing.  That’s kind of the tone of the whole album though: a band that’s way too ambitious for their own good and attempting to put all of their ideas on a single CD instead of pacing themselves a bit.  The songs are oversaturated with content, feel like they take forever to finish, and actually manage to be less than the sum of their parts.  Occasionally it’s so weird that it works, giving it an otherworldly aura of brutality, but mostly it’s just a clumsy attempt at a fairly generic ‘extreme metal’ that lacks individual style or very good songwriting.

This is pretty forgettable music that you’ll likely never run across.  It reminds me of a failed version of Abhorred’s ‘Wallowing In Utter Chaos’ which was able to tie its varied influences together with a singular atmosphere.  This album is unable to do that; there’s just too much going on crafted by people who just aren’t talented enough to write this sort of thing and make it work.  You can pass on this.


~ by noktorn on May 30, 2008.

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  1. there is another version of album here which is a different thing.

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