Tundra (Italy) – In Cold Dimness

I was never really able to get into this; it’s not musically bad but it never managed to grip me.  Tundra play somewhat raw black metal in the old, relatively traditional style with a lot of influence from Darkthrone circa ‘Under A Funeral Moon’ and the like, with a similar sense of morbid riffing and vocals that are quite similar to Nocturno Culto at times.  A little bit of Clandestine Blaze influence seems to be around to, though Tundra has more variation and quality than that band.  I don’t know, everything seems to be in place with this EP but there’s just some disconnect between CD and brain that I just can’t quite get past.

Tundra’s music is primarily composed of the tried and true combination of tremolo riffs and blast beats with the occasional slow passage tossed in for flavor.  Raspy, slightly nasal, super reverbed vocals lord over the music from way up high while the clatter of instruments sort of war with each other, with rickety drums fighting against very distorted guitar for dominance.  The riffs are generally good but not excellent, the only one I can consistently remember is that little tremolo piece a bit under halfway through ‘Christianity Has Failed’.  The song structures are very riff-based and there’s not a lot moving the tracks along except for the guitar; everything else is just sort of along for the ride.  I think I’d like this more with louder guitars; as it stands, they get sort of overrun by the drums, making some of the riffs less audible than they should be.  The slow and midpaced passages are reasonably written, but, again, fail to grab me as is necessary for me to really enjoy it.

I don’t know, maybe other people should give this a try and it’s just not for me.  I don’t particularly dislike Tundra, but on this EP at least I can’t find a lot of reason for me to listen to it.  It’s inoffensive while it’s on, but it doesn’t really interrupt me and make me listen either.  I’m probably just not grim enough, hell if I know.


~ by noktorn on May 30, 2008.

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  1. nice

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