Whorelord – Ass-Raped Again

This is a departure from the previous Whorelord demo quite a bit, with significantly more brutal death metal, less oldschool hardcore, and more of the modern toughguy variety to make up for it.  There’s a lot more in the way of straightforward breakdowns, but also a lot more death metal riffing and blast beats to make up for it.  In short, it’s pretty much where you’d expect the band to go: AWESOME!  Which isn’t a preposition but grammar isn’t metal, fuck you.

The fact that this is closer to traditional ideas of ‘deathcore’ makes it no less dick-hammeringly heavy than Whorelord always is.  Opening with ‘Animal Cunt’, their fastest and most straightforward brutal death metal song to date (with oddly worse production than the other two studio tracks), it gets a bit more sophisticated from there, with the title track having an immensely cool hardcore opening followed by something like eight breakdowns and blast segments, each better than the last.  The studio tracks culminate in ‘I Am Rapture’, another more death metal influenced track that ignites with a Jungle Rot-inspired breakdown halfway through.  The production on these latter two tracks is excellent, sacrificing none of the filth and heaviness but adding to instrumental clarity.  The last track is a two-song live clip that presents a very raw, brutal view of the band, with super loud guitars and even more punishing vocals and drums than usual.

Well, if you liked the last demo you’ll just like this even more, so there’s no reason not to get it.  Whorelord is probably the Great Deathcore Hope for a lot of people and their insane talent hasn’t ended here.  Now if they’d just release a goddamn full-length so I can properly bask in the glory of the Lord Ov Whores.


~ by noktorn on May 30, 2008.

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