Whorelord – Objectify This

This is weirdly awesome and I can’t pinpoint exactly why.  It’s brutal death metal with a big, big hardcore influence, but it manages to be awesome, a lot like Internal Bleeding if they were mildly interesting to listen to and could write good grooves.  There’s a really filthy, overdistorted guitar tone, half shouted/half growled vocals, and total devotion to the NY styles of both death metal and hardcore.  What a combination when it actually WORKS!

The vast majority of the material on this demo is upper midpaced, like the stuff you hear during the verses of your average NY hardcore track.  The rhythms are very clearly punk and hardcore inspired, and melodically they’re not far off either.  Breakdowns occasionally pop up like near the end of ‘I Didn’t Know You Wore Glasses’, but weirdly enough, the hardcore here seems to be a mixture of both new and old styles of the genre.  Were it not for the double bass, growling vocals, and death metal riff patterns, this could easily be NY hardcore.

I guess I love this just because it has such a feeling of bouncy rhythm to it.  It’s not quite ‘happy’, but it is very toughguy and makes you feel like fighting a skinhead.  It gets even weirder when skank-and-Obituary-riff sections pop up like halfway through ‘Scumhole’, and the demo is full of small surprises like that, fusing death metal and hardcore in unorthodox and cool ways.  You see?  It’s a mixture that CAN be done while retaining the purity of both genres AND managing to make kickass music at the same time.

If you don’t like hardcore you’ll hate this.  If you don’t like death metal there’s a good chance you’ll hate it.  But if the prospect of a perfect fusion of the two genres makes you want to snap this up, do so, because you will not be even remotely disappointed.


~ by noktorn on May 30, 2008.

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