Organic Infest – The Way To Temptation

Organic Infest play a sort of shredding, epic, melodic/technical death metal that would be listenable if it weren’t for the awfully murky production of this album.  The guitar tone is very muffled and lacks any sort of sharpness, which is sort of a problem on an album that’s all about epic, technical guitar lines…

Get past that though and there IS a core of good songwriting, though you have to dig to find it.  The melodic style of Organic Infest’s riffing is rather unique, with sort of a power/death fusion flair to them which is more unique than most.  A definite sense of epic songwriting is here, like you’re in a pulp fantasy novel, with narrative song structures and a very cinematic style of writing.  All the instruments are played very well, and I can’t see any weak songs really.  But then again, music is an art form based on sound, and it’s sort of a problem when you can’t hear it well enough to fully appreciate it…

The production really harms this release.  I can’t even make an excuse of ‘listen to the music, not the sound’ in this case.  It’s just bad.  Rehearsal room drumming overwhelms the growly vocals and the aforementioned guitar tone just sounds like an angrily buzzing keyboard, and as a whole it ruins the sense of immersion that the band is striving for on ‘The Way To Temptation’.  Occasionally when the band is at their best you’re able to ignore the bad sound quality, but most of the time Organic infest simply isn’t that good.  They have an interesting variety of very melodic yet still brutal death metal, and some of the riffing ideas are rather unique, but overall, the music isn’t THAT well written to make you ignore such a glaring flaw.

This isn’t bad musically but the production makes this sort of a deal-killer.  Unless you’re able to get past it I can’t whole-heartedly recommend it.  I wish they’re re-record it in a proper studio and give the material the treatment it really deserves.


~ by noktorn on May 31, 2008.

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