Purulent Infection – Exhuming The Putrescent

I thought this was pretty boring the first time I listened to it, but apparently I wasn’t paying attention because in actuality it’s pretty good.  It might be the somewhat murky production that turned me off at first; it’s all guitars and to some degree vocals, drums are really quiet and submerged.  But when you get past that, this is riffy brutal death metal with some unique influences that remind me of Ancient Necropsy; you know, epic elements popping up where they ordinarily wouldn’t be, cool technical riffs, even the occasional slam.

Purulent Infection plays pretty standard start/stop brutal death metal most of the time.  The riffs are occasionally technical, but more often than not straightforward chugging and tremolo.  Occasionally an oldschool DM riff ala Saprogenic will be pulled out to spice things up, and it actually works pretty well when mixed in with the rest of the stuff, like on ‘Spreading Disease’.  It’s not really amazing stuff, but it’s capable and the emphasis on riffing over ‘brutality’ makes it more interesting than most; maybe the Saprogenic comparison fits in more ways than one.  Drums sound real and are well played, and vocals are the usual high gurgle/low growl mix.

Where this stuff gets awesome is when he really deviates and incorporates Egyptian or otherwise Middle Eastern guitar theatrics.  A hanging solo will burst out of nowhere with an epic, almost Behemoth-esque feel, which actually works well over equally epic tremolo riffing beneath it.  It’s almost like what Necrophagist does: tossing in huge bursts of melody out of nowhere and smashing the atonal riffing that composes most of the song.  I think Purulent Infection could stand to do it a bit more, but when he does, it’s totally awesome and, if not entirely unique, at least trying something different.  I like the juxtaposition of simple brutal death lyrical themes with stuff like this; gives it a bit of richness I think.

Anyway, thought the majority of this is straight brutal death, but it’s well-composed brutal death with catchy, oldschool riffs.  If you dig brutal death metal or if you like the modern style of technical DM with some added guitar theatrics, you’ll probably like this.  Hopefully this debut is just the first volley in a long and creative career for the band.


~ by noktorn on June 1, 2008.

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