Raw Hatred – Hung Again Like A Bitch

Super raw, noisy black metal here, but it’s actually well written and competently played!  Essentially all the songs are just short bursts of oldschool black/thrash riffing bound together with insane, throat-shredding screams and overly fast, frantic drumming.  If you don’t like this style you’ll hate it, that much is a given, but people who like it will… well, smoke more crack and give each other tattoos in alleys I guess.

Pretty much imagine the punkiest stuff that was played in early Darkthrone, triple the speed and half the production.  It’s super fast and raw, and the fastness and rawness are essentially the whole goal of the music.  There’s other stuff that’s cool aside from just those features, though.  The riffing is far from sheer noise; there’s dozens of really great, oldschool black/thrash riffs right out of early Mayhem and similar artists.  It’s not instrumentally crude like so many of these sorts of bands are; the members can all play in time with each other and not fuck up riffs and drum beats left and right, amazingly enough.  The production pretty much sucks, not that that’s surprising; it’s excruciatingly thin and ridiculously distorted, but never to the point where it gets unlistenable.  It’s just designed to add to the brutality.  The band’s name is Raw Hatred for fuck’s sake, it’s not going to be like Kamelot.

All the songs are pretty much the same: super fast blast beats, three to five chord tremolo riffs, and SCREECH SCREECH SCREECH all over everything.  It’s one-dimensional as fuck but they never claimed to be any different.  The thing is, it has great riffs that are even catchy sometimes, it’s super raw and brutal, and I get the sense that the members have been deeply inconvenienced in one way or another.  If you love noisy, raw black metal, there’s not much that’s better than this.


~ by noktorn on June 1, 2008.

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