Wolfenreich – Onslaught

The short-lived project of several of central Florida’s black metal musicians, Wolfenreich was an NSBM outfit that cranked out a few demos and this EP before disbanding.  The band played a traditional style of surprisingly well written raw, riff-oriented black metal, and ‘Onslaught’ was easily the best work the outfit turned out in their brief and stormy existence.  Beneath the raw production of this CDr is a flame of real intensity and musical talent that was likely extinguished too soon.

A clear similarity to the riffing of Lunar Reign can be found in the guitar department, courtesy of Spectral, leading member of both artistic endeavors.  Wolfenreich employed a similar style atonal, US-oriented riffing (albeit with a toned down technical edge) to Lunar Reign, but added just a pinch of early Norwegian sound to the mix, creating a solid variation between more technical passages and slightly more grooving, straightforward ones.  The drum performance is very solid, but buried deeply under the raw, noisy guitar tone, with all but the bass drums and cymbals rendered inaudible during the tremolo sections.  Vocals are a mid-ranged, traditional rasp which meshes well with the instrumental presence.  A surprising level of atmosphere is maintained on songs like ‘Vermin Wither’, where the band creates a good amount of tension between blasting and slower-paced sections, which is balanced by more straightforward tracks like ‘Blasphemous Ghoul Rite’, which is clearly very influenced by ‘Under A Funeral Moon’-era Darkthrone in its rhythm and melodies.

It’s too bad that Wolfenreich broke up so soon; ‘Onslaught’ showed that the band had more potential than just about any of the other black metal bands in the central Florida scene, and would have been served well by continuing.  But this EP is a good tombstone for the band, solid all the way through and never lacking in great riffs or interesting song structures.  Recommended for all underground black metal fans.

R.I.P. Nya.


~ by noktorn on June 1, 2008.

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