Evoke – Dreaming The Reality

This is notable for having really fucking loud drums but really nothing else.  It’s generic mid to late ’90s death metal that does absolutely nothing new.  I counted one interesting riff a third into ‘No Repent’ and everything interesting pretty much ended at that point.  It’s not bad, it’s just yet another in an endless list of forgotten oldschool death metal albums.

The production on this really sucks most of the time.  If it’s a fast section, the insanely loud bass drums cover everything and render the riffs inaudible.  During slower parts it’s better; it has a lot of ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ reverb to it which works during the sporadic slow parts.  Unfortunately occasionally good production isn’t enough to make up for almost exclusively uninspired songwriting.  Occasionally the band lands on something kind of cool when they just go for a slow, early Fear Factory style part like on ‘Equanimity Lost’, which gives me a sort of weird feeling that’s hard to describe… Anyway, mostly this is just boring.  It strictly adheres to death metal convention without really sounding like any other band; they just sound like ‘death metal’ with atonal/sometimes melodic riffs, growly vocals, etc.  Woefully traditional, really.

So it doesn’t do anything new and what it does isn’t done well, so you can ignore this very easily.  I find it extremely unexciting on just about every level.  It’s not that the band has no potential, it’s just not exercised very much at all on this album.


~ by noktorn on June 4, 2008.

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