Blood Vomit – Up From The Grave

Blood Vomit’s only album was released on Bloodsoaked Records, the endeavor that Peter Hasslebrack engaged in before forming Bloodsoaked (the band).  Wonders never cease, Blood Vomit sounds extraordinarily like the later Bloodsoaked, with both bands engaging in oldschool brutal death metal using a drum machine.  They’re not necessarily clones; Blood Vomit is more Impetigo/Carcass derived while Bloodsoaked approaches more of a Suffocation sound, but the similarities are pretty clearly present.

This stuff isn’t very exciting.  It’s essentially Impaled/Impetigo style death/grind with a little modern brutal death influence.  Of course, none of those elements are particularly interesting on their own and when put together they’re only marginally more exciting.  Occasionally a thrashy solo is tossed into the mix, which does break up the relative monotony of the album, but most of the time it just plugs away with a cheap drum machine blasting or double bassing under average tremolo or chug riffs.  It lacks Impetigo’s spontaneity, so you won’t be finding any surprises in this mix.  Vocals are a simple, guttural grunt ala Will Rahmer, so there’s not even anything interesting there.

This is a stock death metal album, and it’s not bad but I’d never probably listen to it on my own.  There’s occasional cool parts, like the early Mortician-style opening riff on ‘Night Of The Unclean Spirits’, but the majority of the music is listless and uninteresting and just runs down a list of stock death metal elements before it unceremoniously ends.  I get that the guy behind this is probably passionate about death metal and has a lot of fun making this music, but that sense of enjoyment never really carries over to the audience.  It’s just too flat and lifeless.  It can be ignored without anyone getting mad at you.


~ by noktorn on July 23, 2008.

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