Lacuna Coil – Karmacode

I bought this album primarily because I regularly make very bad decisions.  The only real value this album has is in being hilarious in concept.  Evanescence rips of Lacuna Coil mercilessly, and to compete, Lacuna Coil turns into a nu-metal band that apes Evanescence in an effort to obtain a similar level of mainstream success.  That’s a pretty funny idea and it’s somewhat funny for the first two minutes of this album when you slowly realize what’s happened to the band, but after that you can probably turn it off with a smug grin because man there’s nothing to recommend for this.  It just sucks.

So yeah, this is essentially a modern nu-metal/alt rock album minus rap influences.  The clean vocals are still present but the guitars just shuffle and chug away while the drums thump through a series of rock beats and keyboards dominate the melodic spectrum with cheesy modern rock pokings.  Lacuna Coil was always a poppy band but this is really full-fledged pop music, and not even particularly well-composed pop at that.  It’s stilted and predictable and offers nothing that you can’t hear for free by turning on the radio.  Even painfully overrated Cristina Scabbia’s vocals are pushed way down into the mix so you can here more aimless jumpdafuckup riffs courtesy of a band who totally doesn’t care at all.

It’s all exclusively midpaced and droning and I can’t honestly remember a single track off the album once it’s over.  The album could be a single song and have the same effect.  The production job is nice and full and all but the music still sucks and it’s about as void of artistic talent as you can get this side of Eminem.  I recommend you don’t buy this if you have even a shred of taste, because this is pretty tasteless all around.  Also the bass is ugly and too loud.


~ by noktorn on July 23, 2008.

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