Relentless (Sweden) – Tempest Of Torment

This is relatively capable modern death/thrash/grind stuff that I don’t find very interesting but doesn’t offend me either.  Imagine Vader as a brutal death metal band but minus the consistently interesting song structures and you have a good idea of what this sounds like.  In short, it’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from Crash Music when they don’t manage to stumble across great oldschool DM like Jungle Rot.  The main problem with this album is that I have no reason to ever listen to it.  It’s good but nowhere near good enough to listen to over the other 800 some-odd CDs I own.

The songs are kind of awkwardly designed, like the band felt the need for death, thrash and grind to all be equally represented on each track which makes for some very strange transfers.  The riffing is pretty typical and rooted in the basic Swedeath sound with some faster, more technical tremolo riffs periodically tossed in.  Drumming is unremarkable and vocals are a monotone growl/bark.  The band occasionally attempts to liven things up with a somewhat blackish tremolo riff or melodic lead but it generally doesn’t work because it’s nowhere near inspired enough to grab one’s attention.  This seems to be another band where the guys decided ‘let’s play some metal’ and had no real ideas beyond that.  It’s not bad but there’s infinitely better stuff elsewhere.

They seem to be trying hard but in this case trying hard really isn’t enough when there’s so little content.  This is good music for people who demand nothing more than double bass and tremolo riffs and growls from their music but otherwise you can skip it.


~ by noktorn on July 23, 2008.

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