Pro-Pain – Foul Taste Of Freedom

This is a hardcore CD, which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t a TERRIBLE hardcore CD.  This is one of those albums that came out in the gutter between oldschool hardcore and the modern toughguy style, so it manages to lack the charms of either side.  It’s totally awkward, stilted, mid-paced music which has no sense of direction or momentum at all.  Incoherent song structures, overly flat production, dumb lyrics, the whole nine yards.  It just sucks.

First off, I have to wonder what the hell is going on with the guitar tone.  It has only a third of the distortion it should have and it sounds like it’s played in standard, both of which are rather odd decisions if you’re trying to sound ‘brutal’.  This isn’t helped at all by the bland, lifeless riffs that litter this album.  I guess I respect the band for not taking the low road of crafting nothing but boring breakdowns and strummed open chords, but honestly that probably would have been a better decision than the convoluted, somewhat thrashy riffs they use instead that make no sense and go nowhere, just like the songs in general, which are afflicted with Opeth syndrome: lots of parts with no coherency together.

The drumwork is solid enough, but the vocals are mediocre at best, and, like the guitars, both are produced very badly.  There’s nothing really wrong with the production, but there’s nothing in the way of any personality in it.  It’s extremely flat and sterile, which is about the last thing you want on a hardcore album.  I guess it fits the music though in that it makes no sense and was easily avoidable but the band decided for some godawful reason that they were going to try something new and failed miserably in the process.

Actual lyrics from ‘Death On The Dance Floor’: ‘There was dance on the death floor/From the heavy connection of the Pro-Pain sound’.

I think we’re done here.


~ by noktorn on July 26, 2008.

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