Ampütator – Ampütator

Ampütator is something of a darling in the underground black metal scene.  I guess I can see why: they have a pretty accessible mixture of rawness with good playing ability and production values, so I guess it’s raw black metal for people who don’t like rawness.  The band seems to present itself as more evil than they actually are when this is pretty good-time black/thrash overall.  Anyway, the music’s adequate enough so I won’t dwell on the rather silly image.

Ampütator plays thrashy, punky black metal that seems to be all about being anti-social and hurting innocent people, which is good if not stirringly original.  The riffing is pretty much all power chords and tremolo riffs while the lyrics are a dry, shouting screech.  A drum machine races along, reasonably well programmed, but generally submerged under the morass of synthetically distorted guitars.  The riffing is adequate; none of it’s really good enough for me to enjoy hugely, but it does seem to have a peculiar catchiness, probably due to many of the melodies’ roots in punk.  The production is SOMEWHAT raw; it really sounds like a thin layer of static was added to everything after recording, as this isn’t very convincingly raw in nature.  Everything’s played quite professionally and the songs are layed out in a coherent, orderly fashion.  Nothing’s really wrong with this music; it’s subtle when appropriate and noisy when it needs to be, the riffs are varied and relatively interesting, and everything seems to be played with a more or less stable level of conviction.  It doesn’t grab me massively though; in practice, it all seems a bit trite, like they’re trying to convince the listener of something through this demo instead of just making music.  A weird criticism, but one I can definitely feel.

Anyway, it’s decent enough black/thrash.  Nothing amazing, but apparently many others disagree based on how popular Ampütator has gotten as of late.  Grab it if you like oldschool black/thrash, which you probably do, since you’re all a bunch of unoriginal bastards anyway.


~ by noktorn on July 27, 2008.

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