Arsonists Get All The Girls – The Game Of Life

To those reading this, you probably know Arsonists Get All The Girls better as ‘the band with the dumbass bassist that died of alcohol poisoning on his 21st birthday.’  At least that’s how I know them, and that they were originally supposed to be a joke band.  When I picked this up, I didn’t have real high hopes; bassist dead for dumb reason, HORSE The Band influences, bad cover art and logo.  However, I was happy to learn that it’s not as terrible as it looks!  In fact, it’s better than bad, it’s good!

Not very good by any means but pretty listenable.  There’s parts that are overbearingly tech in the modern Iwrestledabearonce sense, but it’s mostly a mix of melodic death metal and modern grind with a greater or lesser amount of hardcore.  In short, it’s modern tech/metalcore.  Granted, that’s enough to turn many people off to begin with, but I have to say that a lot of this is surprisingly strong.  There’s a good mix of chuggier riffs and more melodic and DM-oriented ones, and the varied vocals are well delivered, as well as the drumwork.  The keyboard presence isn’t particularly crucial to the whole thing and seems more gimmicky than anything, but it mostly stays out of the way of the rest of the instruments, so I can only complain so much about them.

The real thing that hampers this disc is a certain lack of consistency, not in quality but in style.  This is one of those bands who sincerely can not make up their fucking minds as to what sort of music they want to play.  The general idea is deathcore, but it has so many diversions going all over the place that the band really gets ahead of themselves a lot of the time.  Fortunately the band is pretty capable at every style they choose to emulate, but it is a pain in the ass to hear them jump around constantly and makes for an uneven listening experience.

Musically, it’s pretty cool when it comes to the individual sections.  Modern hardcore parts, death/grind parts, and tech parts all fuse to make something pretty cool at the best of times and average at the worst.  I think the band needs some time to mature and not be so excited about appealing to scene kids the world over, but they’re certainly better than Dance Club Massacre or whatever other awful band is going around like AIDS.


~ by noktorn on July 28, 2008.

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