Anal Cunt – Morbid Florist

Probably the poet laureates of our time, Anal Cunt essentially begins with this EP.  It’s horrible and fantastic.  About a third of the tracks are blurring noisegrind, another third are random pop culture parodies, and the rest are the only ones that can be construed as ‘real’ songs.  It’s either perfect or it’s the worst thing ever, but it doesn’t really matter which one it actually is.  Anyway, Anal Cunt is amazing as always.

The blur songs are cool just for the reason that they’re noisy, fast, and stupid.  The parody songs are funny.  As you can expect, Anal Cunt sounds like, well, Anal Cunt: chainsaw guitars that barely play riffs, clumsy yet speedy blast and punk-oriented drums, and the wild screeching of the man himself, Seth Putnam, which dominates everything else.  It has little to no redeeming value, and it’s sort of a wonder that these guys of all the blur/noise bands that were going around at the time are the ones who archived massive notoriety.

But maybe there is something to it, as they can compose decent songs when the desire arises.  ‘Song #5’ is a sludgy, brooding doom track that sticks with you, while ‘Radio Hit’ is solid grinding punk.  ‘Song #6’ sounds the most like Anal Cunt’s later work; it has probably the most coherency of any of the stuff on here with discernible riffs and everything!  Indeed, all the guitar noise actually forms a repeated melody at one point.

You’ll probably hate this, but Anal Cunt was never meant to be enjoyed in the first place so I can’t say it matters a huge amount.  I think it’s awesome for the stupidity and fun of it, even though I only occasionally want to listen to it.  Really, everyone should own at least ONE Anal Cunt CD, so this is as good as any to pick up.  And hey, if you hate it, it’s pretty short.


~ by noktorn on July 29, 2008.

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  1. Thank you, it was interesting. Have more to such stories ..

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