Bosse – 3

There’s some great ambient to be found on this demo, and it’s a shame that more people haven’t heard of Bosse.  This particular artistic endeavor centers around clean guitar and environmental samples, and the effect is at times deeply entrancing.  As far as underground ambient music goes, there’s very little out there that reaches the quality of this music.

More than a slight comparison to Aäkon Këëtrëh can be drawn to this music, owing to its usage of similarly melancholic, somewhat nostalgic guitar melodies, but the usage of found sounds that Bosse engages in takes the music to a very different place, but still possessing an equally eerie and desolate tone.  It is extremely well composed throughout and never becomes boring for even a moment, despite a high degree of repetition.

The first track is dominated by tension-laced keyboard and sounds of an abandoned home, while the second is carried by guitar melodies and thunderstorm and nighttime cricket effects.  However, all these elements merge on the epic final track where a sinuously rolling clean guitar line is embraced by ever-so-subtle wind effects.  The level of balance in these compositions is an inspiration to all, reflecting a level of delicacy far, far in excess of most artists.  Really, this is a mandatory purchase for any fan of well-composed music, not merely ambient or acoustic lovers.  Really something that must be heard to be believed.


~ by noktorn on July 29, 2008.

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