Agathocles – Thanks For Your Hostility

This is unlike the earlier Agathocles album I own in a few ways; for one, the material’s all been recorded for this album, and there’s no compiling of old 7″ or live tracks on this CD.  The second is that it’s pretty much pure, crusty grindcore, with very little in the way of the death and doom influences that littered ‘Theatric Symbolisation Of Life’.  Finally, it’s way, way better than that album; the music here is more consistent, catchier and better produced than the material on that record, and it’s one that I listen to pretty regularly.

The elements that made ‘Theatric Symbolisation Of Life’ cool were in some ways its downfall; the plethora of non-grind influences made the music a tad uneven in spots, a point exacerbated by the presence of non-album material on the CD.  Both these issues are resolved on ‘Thanks For Your Hostility’, which eschews outside influences for pure grindcore.  It’s really good grindcore, too; fast and furious with only occasional departures into more grooving territory, clearly influenced by early Napalm Death and other crust/grind artists of old.  It’s fast, raw, and brutal, just as it should be.

The production is much improved, with less of the noisiness that typified the first album and a better dynamic range overall.  It fits the more developed songs, with more complex riffing that sacrifices none of Agathocles’ unique sense of style.  It’s an extremely solid album all the way through which possesses none of the inconsistencies which marred ‘Theatric Symbolisation Of Life’.

This is one of the stronger Agathocles releases I own, and overall, I’d recommend it to many of those first hearing the band.  It’s got a ton of great, memorable tracks, and it’s one of the few easily available items from this cult grindcore band.  Grab it if you can.


~ by noktorn on August 1, 2008.

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