Defecation – Purity Dilution

I totally don’t grasp what the purpose of this band is.  It was started by a couple Napalm Death members while the band was still gearing up and it released its debut album in 1989.  It sounds… a lot like Napalm Death.  Actually, Napalm Death a bit down the road, when they incorporated more death metal, plus a little Terrorizer, but all in all, the Napalm Death influence is the biggest and most obvious point of reference.  So, as you can see, there’s very little point to this band being around at all; the only thing even moderately interesting about it is that it is a bit ahead of its time as far as a fusion of death and grind goes, and it is a bit heavier and more brutal than a lot of stuff around at the time.  Heaviness and brutality alone, though, typically don’t carry albums, and certainly not in this circumstance.  The fact that it’s somewhat ahead of it’s time does nothing to diminish the fact that this release is entirely unnecessary and is probably not of interest to anyone but the most die-hard death/grind collectors.

Defecation uses the most obvious lexicon of death/grind: tremolo riffs, blast beats, growls, and, in a very mild departure from the standard, a fairly significant crust influence.  The music is moderately well written, with an array of simple, catchy crust/grind riffs and workhorse song structures.  The production is quite good, clear and full with a nicely nasty guitar tone.  Vocals alternate between a solid growl and a pretty poorly done pseudo-crust punk shout that ends up sounding weak and bland most of the time; fortunately it’s not as common as the growls.  This is all well and good except for the fact that, at this point in time, NAPALM DEATH ALREADY EXISTED.  Defecation is located in a particularly weird place in that in some regards it’s ahead of its time in heaviness and brutality, but structurally it’s one step behind everyone else.  What were these guys thinking?  Could they really not have used these tracks in a Napalm Death release?

It’s not bad music, but it’s only moderately above average, especially for a period in time where everyone and their brother was cranking out a classic death or grind album.  Defecation has a weird sort of cult fanbase behind it of people who rabidly screech about how amazing their two albums were in the light of the metal scene as a whole, but I sort of file them into the same category of people who are ridiculous fans of Broken Hope; just an arbitrary choice of obsession when there’s nothing in particular to make them more notable than anything else.  It’s not bad music and if you find it cheap I’d say you can pick it up and be happy with your purchase, but there’s simply not a lot going on here.


~ by noktorn on August 1, 2008.

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