Morbid Angel – Rapture

This is an obscure little radio promo I managed to find essentially by random in a large used CD purchase I made a while back.  At least I think it’s a radio promo; there’s essentially no info on the packaging and the insert is only one page; the back is blank and the disc is plain.  I’m not sure if it’s rare or not; I’ve never seen it anywhere else but I can’t imagine this item is in particularly high demand.

As one can see in a cursory glance through the tracklisting, the three songs on here are also found on the classic third Morbid Angel album ‘Covenant’, making this release pretty irrelevent for anyone to acquire unless they’re a fanatical Morbid Angel fan (such as myself).  The songs are of course excellent, as it IS ‘Covenant’ material.  ‘Rapture’ has an amazing main riff and some incredibly ferocious drumming.  ‘Sworn To The Black’ is a good middle track, a bit more paced and involved than the other two, with a greater sense of subtlety in the developing riffs.  ‘Pain Divine’, one of the simplest tracks on ‘Covenant’, is a solid closer: fast, short, brutal, and more than a little thrashy, reminding me of mid-era Slayer in a lot of ways.

I’ll be the first to admit that this item really holds no interest to anyone but collectors, but when viewed on its own terms, it does hold three excellent songs from an equally excellent album.  If you’re a fanatical Morbid Angel fan or find it in a similarly extraordinary circumstance like I did, there’s no reason not to pick it up at least as a curiosity piece.


~ by noktorn on August 28, 2008.

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