Anestesia (Spain) – Erantzun

Oh yes, thrash/hardcore from Spain circa 1995.  Aren’t you eager to hear this?  You aren’t?  Why not?  I mean, it’s only a combination of two genres that were arguably at their very deadest during the time period of this album’s release exactly, coming from a country where neither genre has spawned any artists of major note.  Surely you’ll revise your opinions on the subject now.

Before I go any further, let me assure you that it’s just as mediocre and uninteresting as it would seem to be from the above description.

It’s not awful, it’s just dumb and nonsensically written music.  It’s a one for one mixture of ’90s style modern thrash and the same era’s breed of modern hardcore, and the combination doesn’t work at all.  There’s some uptempo punky/thrashy parts with very bland riffs and some slower groovy hardcore parts with very bland riffs, and each of those sections is drenched with those European style thrash vocals you sometimes here which sound like an angry Hispanic midget yelping with no real direction.  The production utterly sucks; totally flat, everything is buried under everything else, nothing has even a hint of sharpness to it.  In essence, it’s one of the most annoying albums I’ve ever heard.  It seems composed deliberately to be annoying as every time the band seems to be about to do something right they cock it up with another dumb tempo change or desperate attempt at groove.  It’s not even endearingly incompetent because it takes itself so seriously and sucks in a fashion which seems to say that no one in the band has any talent at writing music whatsoever.

The point is that it sucks and not even in an interesting way.  It just sucks.  It’s not a failed experiment, it’s not an earnest but failed attempt at writing music, it doesn’t have spirit to make up for its shortcomings.  It’s just bad.


~ by noktorn on September 1, 2008.

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