Catastrophic – The Cleansing

In case you don’t know, this is that one band that Trevor Peres started while Obituary was in its eight year coma (which it probably should never have woken up from) that no one really gives a shit about because it’s so unexciting.  Apparently when mid-era Obituary ended Trevor decided that albums like ‘World Demise’ and ‘Back From The Dead’ were just so interesting he needed to start a band and release an album that sounds exactly like them.  Unlike everyone else in the world, Trevor was unaware that no one cares about Obituary post-‘Cause Of Death’, and due to this oversight, we now have Catastrophic, a band who has literally no fans anywhere in the world at all.

The material on this album is EXACTLY like mid-era Obituary: all groove and slight thrashiness that never manages to go anywhere interesting, and definitely for lack of trying.  Catastrophic attempts to be sludgy and heavy, but much like Obituary’s odious ‘Xecutioner’s Return’, it fails miserably because not only is there no effort put into the songwriting, there’s no conviction in the playing at all.  It’s utterly mediocre on every level.  Like a number of other albums I’ve heard, it’s death metal for people who think that all it takes to make a decent album is heavy riffs and growls.  Speaking of growls, Keith DeVito DESPERATELY tries to sound like John Tardy on this album, but fails and instead sounds strained and vaguely whiny.  On a positive note, the lyrics are occasionally interesting, not that they have any particular relevance to the music.

Honestly, who thinks material like this is interesting?  This is the sort of thing I’d expect to be released on Pavement sometime in 1996, not by Metal Blade after the turn of the millennium.  It’s not too surprising to see that Catastrophic is now signed to Napalm Records, a label known for its unfailing mediocrity and inability to release anything of real note (don’t bother bringing up Summoning).  There’s nothing to say about this album: it’s as generic as generic gets.  Even the logo is boring.


~ by noktorn on September 1, 2008.

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