Urgehal – Massive Terrestrial Strike

Hmm yes, so very eeeevil.  Apparently that’s all that Urgehal cares about: acting evil and making very sure you know how evil they are.  Unfortunately, after the nearly forty years of metal’s existence, it seems that for many people the general lexicon of evil hasn’t really expanded.  Urgehal is one of those groups of people who haven’t discovered a new way to rebel against society, so they simply repeat the rebellion of others and hope no one’s noticed.  Fortunately for them, most people haven’t.

This is an absolute clone of Darkthrone’s ‘A Blaze In The Northern Sky’ and ‘Under A Funeral Moon’.  From top to bottom.  There is not a single note on this album that would seem alien on either of those two.  Every riff is copied from the Nocturno Culto school of guitar.  Every rocking or blasting drum beat is taken from them.  The shifts between Celtic Frost style crunch and binary blasts and howling are exactly the same.  Urgehal is a Darkthrone clone with absolutely nothing more to it than empty replication.  Attitude almost never carries an album on its own, and this case is no different.  Urgehal don’t sound convincing enough to pull off such totally unoriginal music.  The cloning itself is only passable really; none of the material here conveys any of Darkthrone’s intensity and brilliant songwriting, and it’s very clear that this is a case of simple copying rather than drawing information from the same places.

Really, there’s nothing more to this album.  Urgehal is a Darkthrone clone who were good enough at cloning to make the metal scene love them.  I suppose if you desperately need more Darkthrone in your life you can listen to this, though I wouldn’t really recommend it at all since it’s artistically empty and offers nothing new or even anything old yet inspired.  With the state of metal as it is though saying any of this will likely stop no one, so feel free to buy the limited vinyl version of this album and congratulate yourself on keeping it true.


~ by noktorn on September 1, 2008.

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