Halla – Evil

Sawing tremolo riffs rip across an insistent texture of throbbing drums like a desert wind.  A semi-human voice at once groans and screams blasphemy, sounding like it comes from the sky itself.  The bleak throb of archaic thrash beats dissasociates into a faltering, decaying break before exploding again, even faster than before, with rehearsal room production adding to the intense yet calculated rage portrayed.  Vocals adhere to no rhythm and are more inflicted upon the music than working alongside it, with echo transforming each line into a blasphemous screech into an empty canyon.  The traditional Norwegian sound of Darkthrone is reinterpreted with less patience and romance, turning the pseudo-melodic strains of their ‘Transilvanian Hunger’-era material into something harsher, more rage-filled, and strangely sardonic.  Riffs are pulled off in strips like meat off bones.  A bass drum and snare form a hideous marching cadence under the chaos above.

Somewhere far away a mosque is burning.


~ by noktorn on September 2, 2008.

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