Bad Acid Trip – Lynch The Weirdo

I enjoy System Of A Down greatly, but the idea of taking the first System Of A Down album and trying to turn it into a thrash/grind record nearly turns my stomach (it seems more than coincidental that this was released on Serj Tankian’s record label).  Part of System Of A Down’s charm is that the members have enough tact to take some of their goofier songwriting elements and weave them into the music in an appropriate fashion.  Unfortunately, when you take the same elements and give them to a bunch of guys without the same sense of tact you get something pretty embarrassing.

This is ‘wacky’ thrash/grind.  Wacky is a word that should never be used in the context of metal no matter how funny you think your joke will be.  Bad Acid Trip isn’t awful but it’s impossible to take seriously even when they’re trying to make decent music just because the aesthetic is so terrible.  Vocals are taken from the System Of A Down school of ‘make any noises necessary’, but over music that sometimes works as functional, barebones thrashy grind, but most of the time is happy to make retarded circus music to amuse the ‘I love random things’ crowd.  Parts have no relation to each other, the songs are goofy for the sake of goofiness alone, etc.  It’s all rather tasteless.

When Bad Acid Trip play it straight, the music is pretty cool.  The band has an array of decently moving tremolo riffs at their disposable that they periodically whip out whenever a blast beat fires up.  Unfortunately, a slow part in the world of Bad Acid Trip is taken as carte blanche to insert whatever musical joke they feel like incorporating, be it falsetto vocals for no reason or a jazzy guitar interlude.  As much as I hate to make sweeping generalizations like this, it really does sound like it was made for the Hot Topic crowd more than a metal audience.  It’s not really an album, and it’s not really a collection of songs, because there ARE no songs.  Any of the isolated parts of these tracks could be put together in any fashion and it would be about as coherent as interesting.

Maybe this would amuse me more if I was in the mood for it, but the occasion when I say ‘boy could I go for a wacky thrash/grind record’ is a pretty rare one.  I’m sure people who like later Cephalic Carnage or own a Foamy The Squirrel shirt will probably love this but I see no point in listening to it at all.  It’s just dumb, and the stupidity does have enough musical quality behind it to merit further listens.


~ by noktorn on September 3, 2008.

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