Extreme Noise Terror – The Peel Sessions

This is first and foremost a crust punk release, so if anyone tells you otherwise you know to get unnecessarily angry at them and immediately sever all contact.

Most crust punk sounds almost exactly the same to me so unless something is absolutely a cut above the standard of the genre, it’s hard for me to find it very impressive.  This release is not one of those few.  I know that it sounds ‘good’ and listenable, but all crust punk pretty much sounds like this so I have no clue if this is good crust punk or not (a problem that arises pretty frequently when I’m listening to crust).  This is Extreme Noise Terror at essentially their most unrefined, and while it’s good enough to listen to, it doesn’t have enough going on to really make me come back again and again.

Most crust punk fans are like most metal fans: as long as a piece of music adheres to the aesthetics of the genre, they’re happy to listen to it.  And so, in that regard, this Extreme Noise Terror release would please most crust fans as it has all the typical elements of crust: high/low vocals, massive guitar and bass distortion carving out very simple three or four chord riffs, and drumming that revolves around d-beats and, in a slight departure from the standard, some blast beats (as Extreme Noise Terror was something of a pioneer in crust/grind).  But aside from the occasional foray into more grinding territory, this is utterly conventional in just about every regard.  The only point at which I can remember this deviating from crust/grind convention is on ‘I’m A Bloody Fool’ (I own the 22-track CD reissue of this release) which is for some reason a total Sex Pistols style punk rock track with harsher vocals.

Now it all sounds good.  The songs are simple and enjoyable.  The fact is that as enjoyable as this is, generic death metal is enjoyable also in a primitive way.  And since I can’t tell that there’s anything particularly notable about this despite its enjoyability, I’m sort of forced to conclude that this is rather generic too.  I dig later Extreme Noise Terror when they started to expand their sound more, and I like this too, but I don’t have a significant REASON for liking it.  It’s just crust punk, and while the aesthetics of that genre are cool and all it doesn’t offer much beyond that.

Anyway, if you like crust/grind stuff, you’ll probably like this even if you don’t know why you do.


~ by noktorn on September 5, 2008.

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