Lord Of Storms – Demo 2007

Bathory worshiping black metal here with a pinch of second wave.  It sounds, as you would expect, pretty filthy, raw, and utterly oldschool.  Production is very degraded and sounds like it was ripped from tape; everything has a sheen of static and distortion.  Necro, if you will.

The music is solid and unadorned, drawing a lot of charm from its overt simplicity and strict adherence to the oldest of schools.  ‘Demonic Hordes’ is the most traditional with trashy rock beats under Quorthon-aping strummed riff before breaking into a blast near the end.  ‘Walking In Darkness’ still carries a significant Bathory influence but has much more readily apparent notes taken from Darkthrone circa ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ with its subtly textured riffing and screeched vocals.  The latter become annoying from time to time, particularly on ‘Demonic Hordes’ where one of the members feels the need to moan like a particularly grim cat in heat.  It’s not overly distracting though.

It’s a good first demo; short and rather simplistic, but those are probably two reasons why it’s as good as it is.  I see a lot of potential in this band; I think I’d prefer slightly better recording quality, but the base of the music is very solid.  Not too many notes, no progressive leanings, just keeping it oldschool and grim like it should be.


~ by noktorn on September 5, 2008.

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