Mental Care Foundation – Alcohol Anthems

Eventful only in their uneventfulness, Mental Care Foundation is one of numerous post-Pantera groove-oriented bands that seems to be under the impression that this style of music is still popular and will result in fame and fortune for the members of said artistic entity.  Calling it ‘artistic’ is rather charitable, though, as this is almost fundamentally workmanlike music which seems to do its best to fundamentally remove creativity from the process of composing music, resulting in an album that is almost unbearably ‘competent’ in construction but impossibly lacking in depth.  There’s no point at all to this music existing.

The material on this album seems specifically written only for the purpose of adhering to stylistic conventions.  Guitars chug, drums rock and roll, vocals shout, everything moves at a midpace most of the time.  The band (very) occasionally peppers the songs with a bit of thrashy riffing and some skank beats or double bass, but otherwise this totally sounds like a band that should have been opening for Pantera at their prime.  There’s a vague southern sound at certain points but it adds no character to the music at all.  The production is reasonably well rounded and conveys enough bass to ALMOST make you nod your head, but not quite.  It is incredibly sterile music with zero real creativity present.  While the songs are listenable and I guess well-written for utterly conventional groove metal, there’s nothing to get excited about and there’s no reason to listen to this.

There are very few bands which I can say are as overwhelmingly plain and average as this.  This is to post-thrash what Maroon is to metalcore.  It’s trite.  Lifeless.  Mechanical.  If I was on a desert island with only this album I would probably find the ambient noises of waves and wind more exciting.


~ by noktorn on September 6, 2008.

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