Leukorrhea – Breeding Salvation

Leukorrhea sounds like modern brutal death metal and not much else.  They sound kind of like Saprogenic and maybe a (very) little like Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, but really the best description you can make of their sound is ‘brutal death metal’.  It’s blast and double bass heavy, has a lot of atonal tremolo riffs, a bouncy, strangely audible bass presence that reminds me of early Cryptopsy, and barking, gurgly vocals.  It is simply brutal death metal and nothing more.

Guitars crunch, drums blast, bass… warbles, I guess, and vocals go bark bark bark over everything else.  It’s relatively well executed but damn there’s just nothing new going on here.  I can’t remember any of the riffs after they’re gone; in fact, the only thing I can ever remember about this album are the dumb samples which introduce a few of the tracks.  Occasionally there’s some midpaced groove but it’s mostly just fast and blasty.  I’m totally at a loss of what to say about this album: if you’ve heard brutal death metal, you’ve heard ‘Breeding Salvation’.  Even the title of the album is generic!

I guess get this if you really need a random brutal death album for some reason but otherwise there’s no reason to acquire it.  I don’t really regret it since it’s listenable and not really BAD and I like brutal death to begin with, but people who aren’t retarded probably shouldn’t buy it.


~ by noktorn on September 8, 2008.

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