Njiijn – Sylivesk

As achingly pretentious as the presentation is, I must say that I enjoy the music to a surprisingly high degree.  It’s an interesting breed of ambient, composed of massively layered, flanged guitars which make the music sound like a nest of shimmering, luminous snakes.  The guitar melodies all sound extremely similar yet slightly different and played very slightly off time with each other, making the package much more expansive and droning and easy to lose yourself in.  It seems to be a remarkably simple idea used to great effect here; must have been ridiculously time-consuming to record.

The two middle tracks feature drums that are barely noticable due to sparseness and incredibly distant mixing.  The guitars dominate everything here and barely sound like guitars most of the time due to the massive effects employed.  You could call this a one-trick pony, but the trick is executed ridiculously well and the EP remains an engrossing listen thoughout with its washes of minor key melodies and gentle, flowing feel.  As far as melodic, noisy ambient goes, I haven’t heard much better than this.

If you like mellow ambient stuff, I have to highly recommend this.  There’s nothing ‘metal’ about it and if that bothers you you’ll be terribly disappointed by this music.  If you enjoy simple, droning, melodic music, you’ll find a lot to love though.


~ by noktorn on September 10, 2008.

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