Extreme Noise Terror – Phonophobia

This is about the second to last Extreme Noise Terror release that languishes in crust/grind territory before veering off suddenly into something different and more interesting.  This is fairly good crust/grind, with the most important change from the band’s earlier material coming in the form of vastly improved production.  The rehearsal room atmosphere is nice and all but it begins to wear on you after a while, so a nice, professional production job is a change for the better.

Apart from that, there’s little to distinguish this from any other early Extreme Noise Terror release.  I have to give them some credit even though they sound generic, since they were the first to pioneer the generic crust/grind sound really.  Beyond that cognitive appreciation, though, this doesn’t excite me greatly.  All the conventions of crust/grind are played out on this release: simple, punky riffs, fast d-beat drumming, and shout/screeching vocals.  The songs are short, the songs are simple, the songs are just fast, more distorted punk music when you get down to it.  Punk is cool from time to time but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a metalhead first and everything else second.

In essence, this is strictly conventional crust/grind.  There are many people who are into that sort of thing, me included.  That being said, it’s well-composed crust/grind, with fairly tight instrumentation, songs that don’t get boring, and a genuine sense of aggression and intensity throughout.  It does not go beyond being reasonably well-composed crust/grind though, which is where this falls short while later material goes crazy and impresses me.  Recommended if you like the style of music, but otherwise unessential.


~ by noktorn on September 12, 2008.

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