Skinless – Foreshadowing Our Demise

A lot of people seem to not like this record, though I can’t really see why as it’s very solid NYDM.  It’s quite a step up from the band’s first album, where the songwriting was a bit green and unmemorable.  ‘Foreshadowing Our Demise’ seems to be packed with an almost limitless array of delightfully thuggish Dying Fetus-style chug riffs along with some deft tremolo and well executed, brutal vocals.  It’s a conventional album through and through, but it earns plenty of points in execution.

The most important part of this album is its consistency.  Every track has at least one excellent riff that’s guaranteed to induce headbanging in all but the quadriplegic, and beyond that have an array of nearly as good ones which maintain interest throughout the song.  The sense of pacing on this album is almost remarkable; though all the songs have the same general ingredients, they’re arranged with a great sense of timing that keeps what in all probability should be boring and trite music exciting and interesting despite an entirely unoriginal aesthetic.

The band maintains a careful balance between fast-paced blasting and tremolo riffing and grooving NYDM breakdowns that come in at just the right moment.  Most of this album is predictable, but in a good way, as where you expect the song to go is where you genuinely WANT the song to go.  Tension builds and is released at the correct intervals, vocals aren’t too verbose but when employed are used very effectively, riffs are solid in every department, and drums are tasteful and as technical (or not) as needed by the rest of the music.  The band has a great dynamic altogether on this release; it’s a shame it’s not appreciated for what it is more.

At the end of the day, this is just another NYDM album, but it’s a brilliantly executed take on the genre that just about any death metal fan should love.  If you’re particularly enamored with ultra high-speed, spazzy death metal, the amount of groove on this record will disappoint, but in general it’s difficult for me to imagine people being unsatisfied with such a well composed and played release.  Highly recommended for fans of NYDM.


~ by noktorn on September 12, 2008.

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