Grief Of War – A Mounting Crisis… As Their Fury Got Released

You know how everyone has a handful of obscure albums that they’re totally obsessed with, but no one else even remotely cares about them?  Well ‘A Mounting Crisis… As Their Fury Got Released’ must be one of those albums for the person in charge of signing over at Prosthetic Records, because there’s NO REASON that this needed a reissue at all.  Not because copies of the original edition are still widely available, but because this music is entirely unremarkable and unnecessary.  Were it not for a weird fascination on the part of Prosthetic Records, Grief Of War would disappear completely, just a footnote in the history of metal.  But here we are, with a full-fledged repress of an album that no one cares about by a band that no one’s even heard of and I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck is going on over at Prosthetic.

Grief Of War plays traditional, slightly power-influenced thrash metal.  Riffs are choppy bursts of tremolo facing off with racing drums and semi-clean shouted or occasionally growled vocals.  It sounds like traditional thrash metal and I’m struggling to come up with a more specific descriptor.  The songs are fast and a bit too long for their own good, and the whole purpose of the band seems to be just a tribute to old thrash metal.  I guess the closest band this resembles is Exodus, but the bay area feel isn’t quite as intense on this release.  It’s a riff-dominated album and the production is pretty full and clear, though the drums are a bit overloud at times.

Again, I can’t fathom why Prosthetic Records felt the need to reprint this album.  I mean, it’s okay music, probably better for people who are genuine thrash fans, but even then I can’t imagine someone hearing a track on this album and getting cold sweats until they manage to get the actual CD in their grubby hands.  It’s totally middle-of-the-road in every way, and there’s nothing original to it.  It’s a thrash tribute band, the sort of band that should really be playing Slayer covers in some bar in Japan to a bunch of drunk people.  It’s a perfect example of the genre I suppose, and if you just needed to show someone what thrash metal at its purest sounds like, this is a good enough record to play, but who would want to listen to this apart from people who just want thrash and don’t care about any other details beyond that?

Then again there are plenty of people like that so I guess I recommend it to them.


~ by noktorn on September 13, 2008.

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