Suicide Silence – The Cleansing

For some reason my first listen of this album made me remember it as a melodic deathcore release; apparently my memory failed me totally, as this is a fundamentally brutal, ultra one-dimensional album that makes Waking The Cadaver look like musical geniuses in comparison.  Of course, anyone that knows my taste will immediately understand that, unlike most people, this is a ringing endorsement in my mind.  This is some of the most utterly retarded music in my collection and I love every moment of it.

The most obvious comparison to make here is with Impending Doom, and I can honestly say that in most ways they sound like carbon copies of each other.  Breakdown-centric song structures with simple, tension-laced tremolo riffing stringing together chug sections complete with bass drops and tasteless rhythms, that sort of thing.  Vocals are that obnoxious deathcore shriek you hear in Job For A Cowboy and similar artists, backed up by your usual low growls during the breakdown sections.  Again like Impending Doom, the breakdowns are mind-bogglingly primitive; most only use one or two chords a piece, and they’re not used very well.

Suicide Silence plays brute force deathcore, and in the same way that I enjoy Impending Doom, I enjoy this.  It’s almost unbearably toughguy and the lyrics are ridiculous, but it’s hard to argue with music so catchy.  The fast riffs are actually pretty interesting and are worth more than just connective tissue between breakdowns, and those breakdowns themselves are unfailingly brutal, and were it only that I had a bandanna I would probably punch the floor whenever they pop up.  Perhaps the most important feature of this music which makes it effective is the production.  Yet again very similar to Impending Doom, the guitar tone is impossibly thick and abrasive while the drums have an awesomely huge and attacking sound, with every snare hit sounding like an IED going off in someone’s face.  Fantastic.

This is utterly stereotypical brutal deathcore and no one but scene kids like me will enjoy it, but if you sometimes wish you were cool enough to roundhouse kick in your girl jeans, it’s perfect.  I like this when I need to feel tougher than I actually am, like when I go to the Taco Bell in the rough part of town.


~ by noktorn on September 23, 2008.

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