It (Canada) – Wolves Of Winter

This is the first demo of It, the Canadian master of black metal that makes no fucking sense in any way yet manages to be amazing anyway.  I’m not sure how he manages to pull it off, but ‘Wolves Of Winter’ is a fantastic first demo for all the wrong reasons and most people are guaranteed to hate it tremendously.

The ingredients are few but effective.  Sparse, goblinlike vocals and pop in periodically to chatter some demented phrase before disappearing again.  Drums that sound programmed but are actually played with a very awkward sense of timing, and seemingly without any relation to the rest of the music.  The primary focus of the music, though, is on the guitars, which play a very, VERY strange mixture of suicidal black metal and medieval folk, with each side perverting the other into something that’s melancholy, sinister, and seemingly fueled by heroin and sleepless nights.  I have no idea how I’m supposed to describe this music.

It’s barely even music, none of the instruments are in time with each other, the vocals are applied randomly, and the drums don’t play rhythms that could in any sense be described as conventional.  It almost sounds entirely improvised; the riffs don’t really repeat, they just shamble about aimlessly, sometimes melodic, sometimes not.  The second half is less shambling and has blast beats and double bass (constantly speeding up and slowing down) instead of the array of off-time rhythms that define the first half, but the riffing and vocals are just as demented as before.  The first half of this demo is the one I prefer.

This is the sort of music that could only be produced at a very specific time by very specific people.  It couldn’t be reproduced under any circumstances; it’s just too demented to believe.  If you like weird and uncomfortable black metal that leaves you with a sort of sick and tense feeling after listening, this is pretty perfect.


~ by noktorn on September 28, 2008.

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