Neural Implosion – Southern Gore Grind

Production is terrible but music is decent, the classic tale of just about every demo-level band in the world.  Neural Implosion plays modern, somewhat melodic death metal in the vein of several artists who play modern, somewhat melodic death metal whose names slip my mind at the moment.

‘Cold Blooded’ somewhat fools the listener, since it’s easily the most brutal track on this demo, sounding greatly like mid-era Cannibal Corpse with its emphasis on plucking bass guitar.  The other three tracks are rather different, with US-style melodeath riffs kicking in during breaks from the blasting and double bass.  The riffing is generally dominated by your basic array of tremolo and held chords, while drumming is somewhat rickety and based around conventional metal tropes.  Vocals are high/low shrieks/growls, nothing too exciting but they get the job done.

It’s pretty professionally composed; the songs don’t drag and new riffs and breaks pop in at the appropriate moment to keep the listener interested.  The production probably robs the music of more power than it should; it’s totally rehearsal room, which isn’t befitting of music that’s attempting to be a tad more erudite than Devourment.

Neural Implosion is nothing that greatly excites me, but based on this demo I see no reason why they couldn’t be quite good in the future.  As it stands, it’s rather standard, if promising, melodic death metal, but I’d imagine that with a bit more time they’ll be able to put out something pretty cool.


~ by noktorn on September 28, 2008.

One Response to “Neural Implosion – Southern Gore Grind”

  1. First time I’ve read a review of our music. Ha the recording does take away a good bit! I appreciate so much you listening to our music as we are not a band anymore due to extremely terrible circumstances. Again thank you so much for reviewing our music!!!

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