Six Feet Under – Maximum Violence

‘Haunted’ was a charmingly shitty album.  This is simply a shitty album minus the charm.  ‘Haunted’ had some endearing incompetence to it and a collection of neanderthal riffs that actually made it sort of a worthwhile listen, but this… this is just bad with zero justification.  It’s still very stupid, but not stupid in a way I can get behind, like Jungle Rot stupid or Lowbrow stupid.  This is just dumb like Bobby Hill, disappointing everyone at every time.

There’s nothing objectively different about this compared to ‘Haunted’, apart from, of course, Chris Barnes sounding worse than ever, but that doesn’t stop ‘Maximum Violence’ from being several times more terrible than the band’s first album.  Really, it sucks simply because it lacks ideas.  The ideas on ‘Haunted’ were idiotic and pointless, but somehow they got the job done.  On ‘Maximum Violence’, there ARE no ideas, simply a constant rehashing of the same few riffs over and over again.  Occasionally a faint glimmer of hope will appear in the form of a catchy vocal line, but the release is predominantly composed of bland midpaced riffs that shuffle in place like a guilty six year old.  Imagine it now:

“Chris Barnes, where did you put the good Six Feet Under album?”

*lazily kicking at dirt* “I don’t knoooooooooooooow…”

I’m not sure how Six Feet Under manages to maintain their popularity with albums like these.  It would make sense if they could compose a groove, no matter how simple, but most of this album is dominated by riffs and rhythms that are so awkward that I’d think it’s almost progressive if Chris Barnes wasn’t heading the endeavor.  Very little on the album makes sense; it just wanders around in musical circles with lazy drumming, tuneless riffs, and Barnes’ marijuana-strained barking congealing into something that doesn’t really go anywhere, but instead just sinks in place, getting slower, slower, slower…

You get the picture.


~ by noktorn on September 28, 2008.

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