Phobia (United States Of America) – Get Up And Kill!

Phobia was terribly annoyed that 2003’s ‘Grind Your Fucking Head In’ nearly reached the twenty minute mark, so they decided to make up for gained time by not even shortening the subsequent album even more, but making about half of it just live tracks from previous releases.  Charming.

In essence, this is exactly the same thing as the previous album: a collection of short, angry grindcore songs influenced equally by crust and death metal.  The musical components are all the same: sections of blasting and tremolo riffs suddenly stopping and starting again, four-chord melodies with chainsaw guitar tone, and ultra-raw screeching vocals covering everything.  There’s no subtlety or tempo changes to be found, simply straightforward grindcore in the vein of early Nasum.  It’s quite good.  It’s a simple and traditional interpretation of the genre, devoid of extraneous or unique elements, but the quality is still there.  The songs are appropriately aggressive and occasionally catchy despite the very narrow array of musical elements at hand.  If you don’t like the genre, you won’t like the music, and vice versa.

It’s simple but it’s engaging and enjoyable while it’s on.  It’s excessively short and I wish there were more tracks, and the usage of live tracks to pad out the already incredibly short running time seems borderline idiotic to me, but whatever.  Better to have a few good tracks than a thousand mediocre.


~ by noktorn on September 29, 2008.

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